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You’re not a systems person. You’re busy, hard-working, creative and on your way to success, but… you’ve got bottlenecks, an unclear vision for growth and little fires popping up everywhere.

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From working with hundreds of clients and teaching tens of thousands of students, we’ve seen the same problems in their systems & processes pop up over and over again. Through Generous Courses, we want to move you towards getting unstuck, eliminating the chaos, setting clear direction, simplifying your systems and running your business with a freedom you’ve never experienced. Let’s go…


If you want to automate anything, any process to make your life easier, this is your guy. I refer Rich to many and will continue to refer him because he’s transformed my business, streamlined my automation, saved me time and allowed me to leverage my workforce. Not to mention extremely respondent and professional at all times
Rami Fahmy
Rich is an incredibly knowledgable professional, not only did he provide excellent advice to recommending the best kind of software towards excelling my sales strategy and managing my team but his attitude was so pleasant to discuss and work with. If you're struggling to find the best software solution and other business advice, I would recommend him. Thanks Rich for the help so far! :)
Diana Uribe
When you have an idea and are unsure how to execute and take the idea or project to fruition Rich is your guy! No matter the vertical - Richard and I have worked on several projects together where I've had an idea that I presented to him and he was able to take the idea all the way through to production! I look forward to many more projects together!
David Liss
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Rich Peterson is the founder of Generous Courses, where he helps people create meaningful, profitable and highly useful businesses through human-centred business automation. He has taught over 30,000 students in 170 countries.